Tougaloo College’s notable alumni have reached professional pinnacles of success in their chosen fields of endeavor and in their service to the College and society. They have pursued careers in every imaginable field, such as medicine, science, math, technology, engineering, law, politics, education, media, business (corporate and private), visual and performing arts, public service and civil and human rights.

Representing the very best of the Tougaloo legacy of excellence and service, our notable alumni are game changers, difference makers, truth seekers, liberators and many first among firsts. They have chartered their own pathways and narratives of influence, impact and transformation. Their professional and personal contributions, achievements and milestones are a living testament to the transformative power of a Tougaloo education. Each of these accomplished alumni, whose names are recorded in history, both individually and collectively, is the personification of the tenets and values of the College’s excellence and service. They have helped to transform lives, and in doing so, they have brought honor and recognition to their alma mater, to their communities, families and friends.

In celebration of our sesquicentennial, listen to the stories of some of our notable alumni. Check back often, for just as Tougaloo’s rich, enduring history prevails, there are more stories to come.

The following notable alumni were recognized after the 2018 Two Rivers Gala | Tougaloo Honors. Check out the living stories of some of the alumni below this list.:

Ethel  Sawyer Adolphe

Reuben V. Anderson

Tophas Anderson, PhD

Meredith C. Anding, Jr.

Willie L. Bailey

Patricia W. Bennett

Edward Blackmon, Jr.

James “Sammy” Bradford

Natalie Brookins-Reddix, MD

Doris, Browne, MD

Isaac Byrd, Jr.

Geraldine B. Chaney, MD

Kurt Cherry

Barbara Sias Chinn, MD

Dorie Ladner Churnet

Waikinya J. Clanton

Charlene Cole

James C. Coleman, PhD

Alfred L. Cook, Sr.

McAuthur Cotton

Eugene DeLoatch, PhD

Henry T. Drake

Cullen DuBose

Shirlethia V. Franklin

Robert L. Gibbs

Howard W. Glen

Tomie Green

Oscar Groomes

Galen V. Henderson, MD

A. James Hicks, PhD

Geraldine S. Hines

Geraldine Edwards Hollis

Edmond E. Hughes, Jr.

M. Deborrah Hyde, MD

Roy L. Irons, MD

Loretta E. Jackson-Williams, MD

Maurice James, MD

Mavis James

Derrick Johnson

Joyce Ladner, PhD

Carrie Lapsky-Davis

Albert Lassiter

Edward T. Lewis, Jr.

Gwendolyn Nero Loper

Jarvis  C. McInnis, PhD

Alfred E. McNair, MD

Joyce McNair

Robbye McNair-McCoy, MD

Keith C. Miller, MD

Mary Alice Moman

K.C. Morrison, PhD

Hollis Watkins Muhammad

Jerry W. Nickens

Myrna E. Alexander Nickens, MD

Hakeem Oluseyi, PhD

Denise Sweet Owens

John S. Page, Jr.

Willie J. Perkins, Sr.

Gwendolyn S. Prater, PhD

Wesley  F. Prater, MD

Edith F. Smith Rayford, MD

Michael A. Reddix, MD

Benjamin A. Shepherd, PhD

Jessie L. Sherrod, MD

Mary Evans Sias, PhD

Constance Slaughter Harvey

Bettye J. Parker Smith, PhD

Edgar E. Smith, PhD

Robert Smith, MD

Wilbert L. Smith

Rufus E. Straughter

Dennis Sweet

Grace Britton Sweet

Malcolm P. Taylor, MD

Bennie G. Thompson

Sterling S. Thompson, PhD

Marion Tresvant

Janice Jackson Vails

Jerry W. Ward, Jr., PhD

Karen M. Williams Weaver, PhD

Joffre T. Whisenton, PhD

Aubry Odom White

Verchele L. Wiggins Roberts

Alphonso Willis, MD

Hollis Watkins Muhammad

Geraldine B. Chaney, MD

Albert Lassiter

Michael A. Reddix, MD

Doris Browne, MD

Wesley F. Prater, MD

Oscar Groomes

Roy L. Irons, MD

Joyce McNair

Wilbert L. Smith

Alfonso Willis, MD

Isaac K. Byrd, Jr., Esq.

Natalie Brookins Reddix, MD

Gwendolyn S. Prater, PhD

Bettye J. Parker Smith, PhD

Edward Blackmon, Jr., Esq.

US Congressman Bennie G. Thompson

Patricia Watkins Bennett

A. James Hicks, PhD

Jessie L. Sherrod, MD

Edgar Smith, PhD

Robert Smith, MD

Benjamin A. Shepherd, PhD

Myrna Alexander Nickens, MD

Meredith Anding